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Fingertip Yonker YK-80B | 1 year warranty


fingertip heart rate monitor Measure blood oxygen and heart rate German standard, free! Alkaline batteries, ready to use, 1 year warranty

Categories : Best seller Oxygen Meter

Brand : Yonker


Product details :
● Measure blood oxygen at fingertips : SpO2
● Measure heart rate : pulse rate
● Measure blood flow : %PI
● OLED display screen, adjustable in 4 directions.
● Set up notifications.
● Auto power off after 8 seconds of inactivity.
● Power supply : 3A / 2 alkaline batteries.
● 1 year machine warranty
● Accredited with EC 6060112, ISO 13485 standards.
Free Alkaline batteries! 2 pieces.

Warranty :
● 1 Year warranty.

warranty link :

Warranty :
1. If the product is defective, damage from the product. The shop will immediately change to a new one.
In the event of no guarantee :
1. Damage caused by misuse
2. Accidents such as falling, breaking
3. Products that have been carved, forged, modified, or repaired
4. Damage caused by animals or insects to destroy
5. The product is damaged by the user's own intent.
6. Products damaged by the user's carelessness
7. The product is abnormal in shape such as broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, warped, cracked.
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