Manual wheelchair 10 [foldable,easy to carry] | 1 Year Warranty


Wheelchair for the elderly, handicapped, foldable, lightweight, easy to carry anywhere - 1 year warranty.


Product details :
● Safety Brakes on both handlebars and wheels.
● Alloy wheels, solid tires, no need to be pumped, resistant to all road conditions.
● Carbon steel frame.
● Armrest, non-slip leather material.
● There is a pocket on the back for storage.
● Foldable, easy to carry anywhere.
● Waist belt.
● Canvas upholstery breathable, not damp.
● Footrest foldable.
● Safe load bearing 100 Kg.

Wheel size : Front wheel 7 inch. / rear wheel 22 inch.
Unfolded Size : width 67 c.m. x length 102 c.m. x height 84 c.m.
Folding Size : width 28 c.m. x length 102 c.m. x height 84 c.m.
FDA : 65-2-3-2-0006474
Notification number: 65-2-3-2-0006474

Warranty :
● 1 Year warranty.

warranty link :

Warranty :
1. If the product is defective, damage from the product. The shop will immediately change to a new one.
In the event of no guarantee :
1. Damage caused by misuse
2. Accidents such as falling, breaking
3. Products that have been carved, forged, modified, or repaired
4. Damage caused by animals or insects to destroy
5. The product is damaged by the user's own intent.
6. Products damaged by the user's carelessness
7. The product is abnormal in shape such as broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, warped, cracked.
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