Air mattress JDPD11 | 1 Year Air pump Warranty


Air mattress good protection against pressure ulcers, 22 curls, 100% waterproof, easy to clean, replaceable curls with automatic air pump.

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Air mattresses for the prevention of pressure sores suitable for patients who cannot help
themselves physically not moving or having to sleep for a long time.

Product details :
● Nylon PVC material for patients especially.
● 22 curls.
● The mattress will have an alternating soft-hard tense ball every 7 minutes, alternating to change the pressure points of the body. The mattress will automatically inflate and deflate. It will help prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers for bedridden patients. In the same position for a long time It also helps the circulatory system in the body better.
● Can be replaced when there is a breakdown No need to change the whole new mattress.
● Mattress size : width 90 c.m. x length 200 c.m.
● A full air mattress will inflate to a height of 7 c.m.
● Safe load 135 Kg.
● The mattress can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Air pump details :
● Can be used with electricity 220 volts.
● Can be activated continuously, does not consume power, noiseless.
● Can be adjusted level Air pressure.
● The work is alternating air out side by side.
● The air pump has a stand for hanging.

Cautions :
● Always unplug the power plug before cleaning.
● Do not allow the air pump hose to be twisted or folded. so that the air pressure enters the air mattress consistently.
● Air mattress pads should not be placed near heat. as it can damage the air mattress pad.
● The air pump should be kept away from all liquids. Because moisture can harm electronic devices.
● Do not place sharp materials. or an electric blanket on or under an air mattress pad.
● Do not place an air mattress pad on the patient's bed. without a mattress placed first
● Do not use the air mattress in the presence of flammable gases.
● To remove the patient from the air mattress. Should turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord and disconnect the air hose from the air pump. Wait until the mattress is flat. and then moving the patient.

Warranty :
● 1 Year motor warranty.

warranty link :

Warranty :
1. If the product is defective, damage from the product. The shop will immediately change to a new one.
In the event of no guarantee :
1. Damage caused by misuse
2. Accidents such as falling, breaking
3. Products that have been carved, forged, modified, or repaired
4. Damage caused by animals or insects to destroy
5. The product is damaged by the user's own intent.
6. Products damaged by the user's carelessness
7. The product is abnormal in shape such as broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, warped, cracked.
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