MIKI Electric wheelchair JD-L07 | 1 Year Warranty


electric wheelchair controlled by electric joystick For the elderly, handicapped, or people with walking disabilities.



Electric wheelchair Controlled by an electric joystick. For the elderly, disabled or people with walking problems, foldable, easy to carry anywhere.

Product details :
● Electrical system controlled by electric joy-control.
● Speed ​​: 5 levels.
● Carbon steel frame Spray coating to prevent rust.
● Automatic electric braking system, The wheels do not flow when the car is stopped.
● Safety brake on wheels.
● Small wheels on the back for preventing tip over when used with steep slopes.
● Shock absorbs shock well.
● Battery: 12 Ah, has a charger, can be plugged into the house power.
● Control the direction with an electric joystick. with sleep mode, it will automatically stop when not in use.
● Horn function.
● There is a warning sound when reversing.
● Nylon fabric upholstery, woven into a mesh, does not accumulate heat.
● Waist belt.
● Foldable, easy to carry anywhere.
● Footrest foldable.
● Safe load 100 Kg.

Max speed ​​: 6 km. / h
Running on a slope: no more than 12 degrees.
Range up to 20 Km. per charge

Joystick details :
● Joystick
● Speed ​​levels button.
● Speed ​​status LEDs.
● horn button.
● Power button.
● Battery indicator.

Status of the lights on the joystick :
All LEDs are off : system is off / standby mode or sleep mode / wires are in bad contact and fuses are blown or burnt out.
All LEDs are on : system is ready / product is working normally.
Green battery indicator : sufficient power
Yellow battery indicator : Battery is half full.
Red battery indicator : The battery is about to run out.
The first speed indicator flashes : The left motor fails.
The speed indicator flashes for a second. : The right motor fails.
Four speed indicator lights flashing : Possible damage to the joy controller.

Seat width : 48 c.m.
Overall Size : width 59 c.m. x length 90 c.m. x height 91 c.m.
Folding Size : width 25 c.m. x length 90 c.m. x height 91 c.m.
Wheel size : Front wheel 9 inch. / rear wheel 16 inch.
Height from floor to seat: 50 c.m. (including cushion)

FDA : 66-2-3-2-0003080

Maintenance / Contraindications :
● Wheelchair is use in normal temperature environment, do not expose it to rain, to avoid short circuit.
● Wipe with a cloth to keep it clean regularly.
● The controller and the electric mechanism are the main components of the vehicle. Therefore, collisions and humidity should be avoided.
● Check screws, nuts and electrical connectors regularly.
● Always check the battery before starting.
● Check tire pressure regularly.
● Do not overload the wheelchair, such as for carrying heavy loads or towing other vehicles.
● Do not disassemble the control and electrical mechanics at will. If there is a problem, have it repaired by a professional.
● When using a wheelchair, fasten your seat belt. and drive at a constant speed.
● Do not stand on the pedals to prevent the vehicle from overturning and other dangers.
● Always check brake performance.

Warranty :
● 1 Year warranty

warranty link :

Warranty :
1. If the product is defective, damage from the product. The shop will immediately change to a new one.
In the event of no guarantee :
1. Damage caused by misuse
2. Accidents such as falling, breaking
3. Products that have been carved, forged, modified, or repaired
4. Damage caused by animals or insects to destroy
5. The product is damaged by the user's own intent.
6. Products damaged by the user's carelessness
7. The product is abnormal in shape such as broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, warped, cracked.
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